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Updated: Aug 23, 2020

I was asked by everybody not to proceed to the colour layer as they all liked it at the final stage of the grisaille. See below all the steps that it took to get there.

As you can see from the below, I started with a really rough outline in red pencil (as that was the desired predominant colour of the painting I had in mind for the end) and then applying colour in an almost mono-chromatic fashion. Here I used:

lamp black, cadmium yellow hue, flake white

my medium was very lean (5 parts turpentine, 1 part Damar varnish, 1 part linseed oil).

The finished first layer looked like this:

Now for the second layer (below) I changed my pallette and I only used Titanium White and Paynes Grey

My medium here was "medium" (2 parts turpentine, 2 parts Damar varnish, 1 part linseed oil)

With this second layer completed like this:

As you can see there is still quite some glow coming through from the first layer.

At this point I decided to leave it in black and white, but I wanted to add a more multidimensional aspect to it and needed to work a bit more on the shadows and highlights.

I left my pallet as per above, but wanted to change the medium.

The "fat" medium I used is made of 2 parts turpentine, 1 part Damar varnish, 2 parts linseed oil.

If you look carefully below, you can see this third layer half way through:

And this third layer, and final, looks now like this:

Ask questions, provide feedback, let me know what you think in your comments! J.

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