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My Steak

Updated: Nov 28, 2023

We used to have striploin or sirloin steaks, but I now find them too hard, so I prefer ribeye or fillet. In both cases, I like my steak to be quite tall (if fillet, 2 cm is perfect!).

What makes this "my" steak is the way I cook it, which is "alla Toscana", and the sauces I serve it with: garlic butter (Irish), pepper sauce (Irish, but my way), and bernaise sauce (French, but my way)


  • Ribeye or fillet: 200gr per person is a generous portion. The taller the steak, the nicer it will be, especially the fillet

  • Dry rosemary (a good bit)

  • Fine salt (very little, as you'll serve it with salty sauces)

  • Freshly ground black pepper (very little, as you'll serve it with the pepper sauce)


  • Ensure the meat is at room temperature and do not, ever, skip this. It's beef, so it can stay out of the fridge easily even 2 hours

  • Prep your sauces and butter so that they will be at the right temperature when it's time to serve (or if using the garlic butter and pepper sauce from the freezer, take them out)

  • Heat your grill pan until incredibly hot: when you think it's ready, still wait another few mins

  • (Open the kitchen window! It'll be smoky, so close the kitchen door also to avoid setting off your smoke alarm - yes, it did happen to me a few times!)

  • Dust lightly one side of the steaks with salt, pepper, and generous amounts of rosemary (not a thick layer, mind you, but cover it all), then press the condiments into the meat

  • Put the steaks onto the griddle pan dressed side down first, and start your stopwatch

  • Refer to this guide for cooking times, and stick to them to the second

  • As soon as you turn over the steaks, sprinkle the other side again with rosemary (not with salt and pepper) and press the steak onto the pan

  • As soon as they're ready, plate them directly onto the diners' plates, and add to the plates the little dishes with the sauces and the butter

  • By the time the diners will have helped themselves to the sides you are serving with them, the steaks would have rested enough and will be perfect

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