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Members Only Section

If you become a member and you login, you will see the true blog section of the JollyZone, not recipes of any kind, but rather a sort of a diary (the true reason why blogs were born, in reality).

These are the rules:
  1. I do not have time, and I do not care, to explore all the GDPR related things, therefore I have no idea where your data actually lies, which app controls it, and its security - live with it
  2. For these reasons, I warmly recommend to use a totally fake email here, not linked to your online presence at all (although you would have also the option to log in using both Google and Facebook, but given the above, I wouldn't)
  3. I will approve manually any Sign Up
  4. I will approve ONLY real people that really know me, AND that are either my friends or my family
  5. Given I advise you to use a fake email address, which I might not be familiar with, when Signing Up you will have the option to message me: use it, and tell me who you really are so that I know whether to approve the request or not
  6. You will need to verify your email address upon first Log In
  7. You won't need that email address unless you subscribe to updates to the contents - in that case those updates will be delivered to the email address you used upon sign up
  8. Your profile is set to hidden by default: only site members could see it - but you do have the option to hide your profile from other site members too
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