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Surreal Neutrophils

Updated: Aug 23, 2020

This is totally out of my head, done alla prima in 6 hours during a very bad time for me and my boyfriend. I'm documenting it here as it's a way for me to remember the journey, and the progress from dark to colour :-) Soundtrack:

The beginning of this was quite dark, the idea was there, but the mood was bad...

Now we're talking some colours!

And here came the most difficult one, the lonely tree pulling the colours out of my moods:

And then the neutrophils appeared :-)

Here's the symbolism behind this painting:

The long road uphill is my boyfriend's long road to recovering from a seriously life threatening period (when I painted I was in between hospital visits). The undefined mountains are the uncertain territory ahead (which to this day is still uncertain, we haven't got at the end of that road by far yet). The colours on the plain are my alternating moods: shock, rage, energy, hope. The tree is himself, leafless, lonely, drinking on my moods as in total shock.

The flowers are the so few neutrophils in his blood, the cause of the life threatening condition.

Now, that's it, hope it makes some sense.

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